Melissa MacVicar –Author

The Art of Making a Website


Learning to make a website is daunting. Last night, I actually registered my domain and managed to make it connect to WordPress. This is no small feat considering I’m completely self-taught when it comes to all things computer. My kids are still astounded when I tell them we didn’t have the internet until I was 20 years old.  So I’ve been playing around with templates and themes etc and now I understand why website designers make so much money. This is hard, time-consuming work. Perhaps I should have hired someone and spent my time writing the sequel to my book. One should stick with what one is sort of good at. But then again, it’s also fun playing around with all this stuff and trying to solve the mystery of what makes an appealing website. For now, I’ll leave you with Baby from Dirty Dancing because this is how I feel about accomplishing even this small bit of a website. (even if no one is really looking at it)


Author: Melissa MacVicar

Melissa was born and mostly raised on Nantucket Island, and she currently lives there with her husband and two teenage children. When not being a wife and mother and teaching writing to seventh graders, she enjoys binge watching shows like Big Little Lies, House of Cards, and Outlander. Despite the rumors to the contrary, she does not actually wish she was a teenager again, nor does she see ghosts like the main character in her first novel, Ever Near. She does, however, love to hear from readers so send her a message on social media or at her email: Twitter: @MelissaMacVicar Facebook: Melissa MacVicar Instagram: melissa.macvicar

2 thoughts on “The Art of Making a Website

  1. Hahaha! I love it!!

  2. This is no small feat, woman. You should be dancing. Rock on! I hope when you go on Oprah, I get to be in the audience.

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