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Don’t End Up in a Roadside Ditch

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My ideas come to me like those Direct TV commercials about the cable company. Literally, ideas are like a little game of what if? that keep on going and sometimes get ridiculous. My favorite Direct TV commercial is the one called “Don’t end up in a roadside ditch.” It features this guy and his eye patch.


Yeah, you know the one. It’s awesome.

This summer, I’m writing the sequel to Ever Near and my ideas are coming just like those commercials. In Book One, the reader learns that Jade’s mother, Carrie, is from South Boston. I hadn’t given a ton of thought to having Jade explore her mother’s side of the family in Book 2 but then circumstances happened. I saw Dennis Lehane speak at the Nantucket Book festival. The Whitey Bulger Trial has been on the local news every day. My brain started down one of those what if? paths and I imagined Carrie’s father was affiliated with the Winter Hill gang. He had flaming red hair just like Carrie but he wasn’t married to Carrie’s mother. Carrie was his illegitimate child. This elusive gangster father from the seventies had a wife and seven sons, all with varying shades of ginger hair. And this is the point where I call my husband at work and say bizarre things like “Help me think of a name for an Irish mobster with red hair.”

So unless you want to find yourself thinking up mobster names for your main character’s maternal Grampy, don’t become a writer. Hopefully, this tangent takes me to novel pay dirt and not off into that roadside ditch of failed plot lines. Only time will tell.

P.S. I think I’m naming him Paulie the Joker. I think anyway. One never knows how these things will turn out until release day. Maybe Paulie the Joker will end up on the cutting room floor.

Author: Melissa MacVicar

Melissa MacVicar lives on Nantucket Island where she writes novels and teaches writing to seventh graders. She loves eating sweets, Downton Abbey, fantasy football, and wearing comfy pants. She loves to get messages from her readers so don't be shy!

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