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Release Day Ramblings

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I have dreamed about this day. Just like all the other firsts of writing a book, I have imagined what having my book finally in print would be like and of course my imagination ran wild. That’s what happens to people like me and I was sure that release day was going to be epic.

Thinking about release day has made me ponder some of my other firsts related to publishing this book. The first First was the phone call from my publisher. It was the end of my lunch break back in February of this year. Even though it was a strange number from North Carolina on my cell phone, I answered it. I was scraping left overs off my plate into the trash can, pondering the lesson I was about to do with my students when Lynn from Red Adept told me that they wanted to publish my book. My initial reaction was that this was a joke. Did people from publishers really just call up writers and offer such things to them? On a random day in February? Apparently they do so I told Lynn I was very excited to hear this but I had to call her back because I had students coming down the hall for my class. That was a crazy day indeed.

The next first was when my announcement went up online. Then there was my first chat with my editor, and the first time seeing my book’s cover. These were all amazing firsts for sure, but perhaps above all the other dreams, the release day dream has been the most intangible. What exactly does an author do on release day except wait and see?

For me, release day will be a work day. I considered taking a personal day and staying home. Surely, release day would be so momentous that I would need a personal day, right?  I would lay around at home, refreshing Amazon every two seconds while being fanned by an extremely attractive cabana boy.


But even as this crazy notion formed in my brain, I knew staying home alone all day without my husband or children or students or colleagues would be unbearable. Come to think of it, thank god I was going to work because I’d be able to focus on something besides the book. My students will be finishing their writing assignment we started on Friday. My colleagues will chat with me at the copier about the weather and the Red Sox. Yes, these are the things I should be doing that day. These are the things that will make release day better.

So now that release day is almost here, I realize it will probably be just another day. A day filled with congratulations and well wishes and hopefully good sales but in the end, it will be just a day. The sun will rise and the sun will set. Just like the Christmases you longed to arrive as a child or your sweet sixteen that you thought would be the best day ever or your wedding day that was to be life altering in its amaziness. Just like all those, release day will come and go. And just like any other day in my life, I will be grateful for it. Grateful and satisfied that one of my dreams has come true.

Author: Melissa MacVicar

Melissa was born and mostly raised on Nantucket Island, and she currently lives there with her husband and two teenage children. When not being a wife and mother and teaching writing to seventh graders, she enjoys binge watching shows like Big Little Lies, House of Cards, and Outlander. Despite the rumors to the contrary, she does not actually wish she was a teenager again, nor does she see ghosts like the main character in her first novel, Ever Near. She does, however, love to hear from readers so send her a message on social media or at her email: Twitter: @MelissaMacVicar Facebook: Melissa MacVicar Instagram: melissa.macvicar

One thought on “Release Day Ramblings

  1. Melissa, I thought this was moving, and heartfelt, and . . . beautiful. Thank you.


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