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A Writer’s Studio

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shed2My husband Angus is making me a writer’s studio out of our old shed. First, he had to remove all the crap we’d stored in there (a ton of junk actually). Next, he moved it to a location where he could work on it, and we wouldn’t have to see it from our house. This isn’t the final location though. Then, today, in the freezing cold with wind chills in the teens, he ripped out all the rotten boards. He loves his projects! (and me)

I’ll be posting pictures of the project as we go along. Here are some from today. Also, check out my Pinterest here where I have a writer’s studio board with decorating ideas. I am excited to finally get to paint some walls orange!

shed1 shed

Author: Melissa MacVicar

Melissa MacVicar lives on Nantucket Island where she writes novels and teaches writing to seventh graders. She loves eating sweets, Downton Abbey, fantasy football, and wearing comfy pants. She loves to get messages from her readers so don't be shy!

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