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Blizzard Before and After Writing Nook

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During the blizzard today, I began the process of cleaning out my guest room which is also my writing room. I am posting before and afters of the book shelf area below. The before picture is actually after I started pulling stuff off the shelves. Usually, the floor is clear but the shelves become a dumping ground for everything else in the house that has no home. So here it is! Feeling like I accomplished something even if it’s not writing.

before mess


Author: Melissa MacVicar

Melissa MacVicar lives on Nantucket Island where she writes novels and teaches writing to seventh graders. She loves eating sweets, Downton Abbey, fantasy football, and wearing comfy pants. She loves to get messages from her readers so don't be shy!

One thought on “Blizzard Before and After Writing Nook

  1. Nice job! I love those little circular frames.

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