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EVER LOST Blog Tour underway!

My blog tour is steaming along and I am excited to see more reviews of EVER LOST next week. So far, they have been good. You can check out all my guest posts, reviews, and interviews by clicking on the picture below (that’s Charlie and Jade btw ha ha). This takes you to the EVER LOST book page on Red Adept and you can scroll down to all the tour locations. They are clickable so click away and see what’s going on.

Have a great Labor Day weekend!

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I started putting up these postcards about EVER NEAR and EVER LOST around Nantucket on Thursday. This picture is of the Bean. It’s amazing how many businesses have bulletin boards along with maps and general information areas. I have already seen sales results, too. Bookworks sold out of EVER NEAR yesterday and online sales have picked up as well.

In release news, I spoke with my publisher yesterday. EVER LOST is done with proofreading and headed for formatting! This means BOOK 2 is just weeks away from publication, not months. I’ll be sure to let everyone know when it’s released, and I’ll get it to the bookstores on island as soon as the paperback is ready. Happy summer everyone!





NEARER STILL- A Companion Short Story

Nearer Still high res

If you loved Gram in EVER NEAR, check out my new short story titled Nearer Still. It features Winnie Ferguson as a teenager growing up in Baltimore. Here is the story description.

Expanding on the world of Melissa MacVicar’s debut novel EVER NEAR, this digital-only short story explores the background of Jade’s grandmother, Winnie Ferguson, growing up as a black teenager and a budding clairvoyant in the early 1960s.

When Stanley Irving gets arrested during a sit-in at a segregated lunch counter, he makes the front page of the Baltimore newspaper. Eighteen-year-old Winnie Ferguson’s father is furious with his daughter’s boyfriend and tries to break up the young couple. Will Winnie stand up to her father, or will the pair be ripped apart by the tension surrounding the Civil Rights movement?

You can purchase it on Kindle or any computer here.

Nearer Still