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Blizzard Before and After Writing Nook

During the blizzard today, I began the process of cleaning out my guest room which is also my writing room. I am posting before and afters of the book shelf area below. The before picture is actually after I started pulling stuff off the shelves. Usually, the floor is clear but the shelves become a dumping ground for everything else in the house that has no home. So here it is! Feeling like I accomplished something even if it’s not writing.

before mess


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EVER LOST Blog Tour underway!

My blog tour is steaming along and I am excited to see more reviews of EVER LOST next week. So far, they have been good. You can check out all my guest posts, reviews, and interviews by clicking on the picture below (that’s Charlie and Jade btw ha ha). This takes you to the EVER LOST book page on Red Adept and you can scroll down to all the tour locations. They are clickable so click away and see what’s going on.

Have a great Labor Day weekend!

Jade Charlie beach shutter