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I started putting up these postcards about EVER NEAR and EVER LOST around Nantucket on Thursday. This picture is of the Bean. It’s amazing how many businesses have bulletin boards along with maps and general information areas. I have already seen sales results, too. Bookworks sold out of EVER NEAR yesterday and online sales have picked up as well.

In release news, I spoke with my publisher yesterday. EVER LOST is done with proofreading and headed for formatting! This means BOOK 2 is just weeks away from publication, not months. I’ll be sure to let everyone know when it’s released, and I’ll get it to the bookstores on island as soon as the paperback is ready. Happy summer everyone!




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Celebrity Sighting-Eric Dane a.k.a. Mcsteamy

When the Marblehead High School Varsity softball team came to play a game on Nantucket today, they had no idea who they were going to run into at the local coffee shop. I happened to be inside The Bean and snapped this photo on my phone of the ever gracious Eric Dane meeting with some of his adoring fans. Most locals know that Mr. Dane is here to shoot the John Shea movie “The Grey Lady”, but even knowing this, I admit I was as giddy as the girls from Marblehead to be in the presence of the scene stealing Dr. Sloan from Grey’s Anatomy. Thanks to John Shea for bringing the magic of Hollywood to our little island in the off-season. mcsteamy